Combi boilers are the most popular boiler used in the UK, they are highly efficient and are called combi boilers because they combine water heating and central heating into a single boiler. They are a very effective way for saving space and are becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

Water is heated by a combi boiler as it is needed within the boiler itself. As it doesn’t require the water to be heated in a storage cylinder it is much more economical to use.

There are many benefits to installing a combi boiler, as they provide a significant saving on hot water costs and they provide hot water through your taps from the mains, meaning you can have a powerful shower without the need for pump. This can also be useful in a small property where space for a cylinder is at a premium. The internal workings of a combi boiler are becoming increasingly complex, making them perceived as unreliable, but they are becoming more accepted.

One of the biggest negatives toward a combi boiler is that in the event of a home can be without heating and hot water, but with a conventional system an electric immersion element can usually be inserted into the cylinder to provide hot water for the taps.

The use of multiple combi boiler units allows for better control of temperature, such as having one both downstairs and upstairs. One unit can supply the bathroom with warm water without being affected by taps being used downstairs.

Combi boilers usually cost less to install, as water tanks, associated pipes and controls are not required. The combi boiler is also considered to be the easiest to install. A combi boiler is also a great choice when there is a premium on roofspace.